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Your home shopper in Mallorca

What is a home shopper?

The professional figure known as home shopper is fairly new, especially in Mallorca; although this new appearance does not mean home shoppers are not important. Why? Because their existence is a need imposed by our hectic, current world. Let me explain myself.

We live in a highly-competitive world. In a world where we feel constantly forced to be better workers and have better positions if we want to gain reputation and respect. The downside of this behaviour is simple: we have little time to spend on other aspects of our life. As a result, thinking of the decoration of our personal space or choosing our furniture has become a luxury not everybody can afford. And it is not a matter of money. Interior decorating has been pushed to the back burner, it has even become meaningless… And it should not be like that! It does not have to be like that!

How to know if you need a home shopper

You know that you need a home shopper when you need someone to go shopping with, when you need someone to tell you what shops to visit to buy a new sofa or a new chandelier, for instance. Many people think that being a home shopper in Mallorca is exactly the same as being a designer but the truth is that these people are categorically wrong.

To put it simple, a decorator is a person who designs the interior of your house by choosing colours, fabric and furniture. On the other hand, a home shopper is an adviser you can share your opinions with. A home shopper is a guide who accompanies you during the purchase, all the way long until you find what you were looking for. Obviously, you can make your own decisions but a home shopper is this extra voice you can count on when buying something both you and your space need.
Therefore, that is what I do. I accompany my clients during the purchase as their personal adviser or consultant so that my experience will help them make a decision they won’t regret. I always think of what they need and I advise them on what they should or should not buy accordingly. For sure, it saves them time, stress, mistakes and money.

Benefits of this service

As a home personal shopper I can save you time. Because I know all the latest acquisitions of every shop in Mallorca, so we can go directly where you need to go.

As a home personal shopper I can help you deal with stress situations. Because I can help you view the final result, which in turn helps you decide what to buy.

As a home personal shopper I can prevent you from making bad decisions or mistakes. Because, sometimes, something beautiful in particular does not necessarily mean that it is going to look nice in the final set.

As a home personal shopper I can save you money. Because making a mistake or a bad decision is exactly the same as wasting money. Remember, the most expensive decision is not always the wisest one.

What you may not know

When a client hires my service for 2 hours, I usually spend two more working hours at home deciding and gathering proposals so that I get to know what the client has in mind.

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