You are my project

Do you need to decorate your space in Mallorca?

Interior designer in Mallorca

Your project, my project

As an interior designer I can advise you to start the project as soon as possible. You will tell me your expectations and needs... In short, everything you need from an esthetic, functional point of you so that your project is really YOUR PROJECT, not mine. Afterwards, we will measure your space (there are also architects, quantity surveyors and industrial engineers in my team in case we need their services).

After measuring your space we will move on to a draft (also known as ‘preliminary project’). At this point, I will also show you a descriptive memory just to check if I could display what you had in mind. If everything is ok, we will create the final project and do our best professionally to achieve it.

Interior design projects

Our study of interior design and decorating located in Mallorca carries out different interior design projects:

  • Interior design projects for private homes.
  • Interior design projects for offices.
  • Interior design projects for hotels.
  • Interior design projects for restaurants or entertainment businesses.
  • Interior design projects for fashion shops or other commercial premises.

The main difference between these five projects is that in the first one (private homes) the star is the client, whereas in the remaining projects not only do we have to enhance a person but also a product (a hotel, a business, a restaurant, a shop, etc.) That’s why it is important to do a work that will captivate everyone in Mallorca.

Interior design: more than an aesthetic lift

An interior designer is a professional who decides to make a new functional space out of a dysfunctional space taking into account both its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it could be said that the objective of an interior designer is to find the perfect balance between the aesthetic aspect and the functionality of the space to offer practical convenient solutions for making clients’ daily lives easier.

In Mallorca, interiorism is one of the most demanded services by businessmen and individuals who are in need of breaking with a look that no longer works for them. Interiorism is beyond no doubt the wisest option to change and remodel the image of a space that has lost its appeal.

Interior designer’s functions

The functions of an interior designer know no boundaries in terms of creativity, comfort and design. These tasks transcend the merely aesthetic aspect of the space and are usually focused on the creation of the project; which the most technical part of interior design is considered: remodelings (and all that this entails: knock down walls, implement new technologies, change floors, use new materials, take charge of electrical installations, plumbing, carpentry, etc. Everything is possible! In this game of design and color everything can be done to show the beauty that remained hidden in every corner of the property.

And as if all that was not enough, an interior designer is also trained to create the project budget and to supervise the work at all times, offering professional workers if needed.

Design without renouncing to yourself

  • When decorating it is essential to have good taste, absolutely, I totally agree. However, this concept varies depending on the style we are going to use and, of course, the person who is going to live in the space. For this reason, I do not like to be linked to any style. I simply decorate according to my client’s needs.
  • What does it mean? It means that I will do my job and I will decorate your space to make it look better. But I will never change your essence... I will never change its essence. We can decorate your space together without renouncing to yourself. And that is what I am offering you. My name is Victoria Guerrero, and you? What is your name? Because you are my project.
  • In each project we put our soul and our heart into them to create functional and welcoming spaces in which everything is in harmony. To carry out the new distribution of the space, not only do we take into account the sense of sight, but also the sense of touch, hearing and smell so that you and your people live a unique experience. If you are considering a comprehensive reform of your house or your business in Mallorca, do not hesitate to contact us! We provide customized service to each of our clients through direct and permanent contact with the work.

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