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My beginnings as a designer in Mallorca

My name is and, among my earliest memories, we can find the obsession with decorating and exploring any single house, even abandoned; along with the excessive focus on designing the attires of their fictitious habitants.

With time I discovered that imagination neither has nor wants limits, and I was not willing to establish them, so I specialized in different disciplines related to the world of fashion and interior design.

I studied Fashion Design in Asturias; I graduated in Interior Design at IADE in Madrid; I learned decorative paint techniques with Marie de Trostemberg; and I was also trained in showcase. As you can imagine, all these experiences let me improve my professional skills regarding Interior Design and Decoration in Mallorca.

Your concept store in Mallorca

After 21 years of experience as a decorator in Mallorca, I decided to create Victor ó Victoria Style. Victor ó Victoria Style is more than my study of interior design. Victor ó Victoria Style is a concept store where you can see my proposals of fashion and interior design for the current year. It is located at Veri Street nº6, Palma de Mallorca; a charming street where you can easily identify what makes me so special just by looking from the outside. Moreover, if you come in and walk around my concept store, you will be able to see the colors; texture; influences; combinations; new trends; complements; materials; and smells I propose in fashion and decoration. In short, Victor ó Victoria Style is my personal showcase where walkers from Mallorca can get to know what I am capable of.

My decorating styles

A lot of people know me as the total white decorator. A decorator who loves romantic, white, French furniture. Nonetheless, this style (which could be translated as ‘old but chic’ and I named VICTORIA Style - feminine-) is not my only register. I also have a masculine Style (which I named VICTOR) or Industrial Style: grey furniture that is combined with waxed or metal wood to create enveloping spaces. Here you can find some visual examples of each style:


It is a form of interior design that dates back to the 80s, and shows the type of decoration that was used in British country houses. It is well-known for using a decoration where worn and faded furniture is the start. Shabby chic Style is focused on having an antique look, especially in furniture. However, its use of flowers and pastel colours makes it the perfect decoration to offer a cheerful and fresh atmosphere to any space.


Home déco style inspired from the 30s is characterized by the use of light tones and retro, old-fashioned furniture. Such furniture could be either actual old furniture or artificially aged furniture. It does not really matter. The important thing in this form of decoration is striking the perfect balance between colours and furniture to reflect the elegance of the past.


Decoration that breaks with the preceding decorating styles (that’s to say, any decorative style prior to the 20th century). In this decoration, it is not unusual to find glass windows, flat ceilings and very few ornaments. Regarding patterns, there is a clear trend towards the use of furniture close to the ground, since it enhances the sensation of visual space.

Eclectic interior designer

As I said, I do not like limits, so I will admit I consider myself kind of an eclectic interior designer. Why? Because, as I understand the basics of interiorism, nothing is just black or white. There are lots of shades, and if we understand this simple rule, we’ll discover that it is impossible to use all those shades by using just one approach (home déco style).
I mean, if you like the Industrial Style but you want to buy an antique sofa, who says you are not allowed to do so? Remember, we work on your interior design project to find YOUR HOME... to find what you are comfortable with; not to impose what you should or should not have just to be trendy.


Designing moments… transmitting feelings

I love designing moments, situations where you are the star, places where you can feel unique and comfortable.
My goal is to tell your story. My objective is to build the perfect atmosphere for you, to make you feel relaxed, happy, distressed and complete.
Dare to dream, dare to create your event with me.

You can find me at Victor ó Victoria Style. Come visit and I will tell you all the services I provide so that you can decide what you really need: a home shopper, a decorator, a home stager, an interior decorator or an interior designer.

Contact me and discover how to make good use of your space. I am only satisfied when you are satisfied.

¿Victor ó Victoria?